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Tired of dreary conference rooms and lackluster staff lunches during corporate events? Yearning for more engaging team-building activities? Enter a Corporate Wine Tour by Vine + Country – where we redefine corporate experiences through the magic of FOOD & WINE! Our thoughtfully crafted tours and dining experiences are tailored to foster connections, ignite conversations, and yes, even share a bit of wine wisdom! Why not break free from the monotony and plan a refreshing day out of the office with your team for your next event?

corporate wine tours sussex

Our tours are not just ideal for team building and rewarding your staff; they are also perfect for client schmoozing (because who doesn’t appreciate a good schmooze?). We cultivate an informal, relaxed atmosphere, providing the perfect setting to spend an afternoon in your own space while relishing a delightful wine tasting and lunch experience – the perfect combination!

All our tour and dining experiences are tailor-made to your specifications. However, if you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas for you…

1. A Half or Full Day Wine Tour

Our tours seamlessly integrate as a perfect addition to your day, fostering conversation and connection through the shared enjoyment of exceptional wine and food!

The tour encompasses:

2. Our Vineyard Feasting Lunches

Do you experience the cringe when you remembering last years event buffet? Or perhaps it’s the monotony of the typical conference rooms, and you’re looking for something to inspire and lift the air? Enter our signature vineyard BBQ feast lunches beside a breathtaking English vineyard – the perfect solution! We can create a culinary experience and offer a picturesque setting for you to dazzle your dream team and create that moment of shared joy to carry and reinvigortae you for the year ahead. An afternoon of indulgence and celebration!

Private event catering Sussex

3. The Full Monty!

We don’t just plan your entire day; we go the extra mile to organize accommodations for you and your guests! Say goodbye to generic stays—let us coordinate an overnight experience with one of our carefully selected local lodging partners, turning your event into a grand affair!

Our vineyard tours operate throughout the year, and we’re now accepting bookings for Christmas Parties and Staff Rewards.

Make this year extraordinary by doing something different. Contact us today for more information!

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