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Home Wine Tastings

Fancy an English Wine tour Vine + Country style in your own home?

Yes it’s true, we can deliver one of our tour experiences without you ever having to leave your home comforts (slippers included).

Your dining room, local accommodation or privately booked event space we will bring a selection of local English wines and take you on voyage of discovery (figuratively of course) tasting a variety of sparkling and still wines from award winning producers.

Whats more, each wine will also be matched alongside a local cheese or our home cured charcuterie.

Wine tasting shouldn’t be stuffy, we have one rule, ‘a good wine should start and end with a smile’. Beyond this we can be as nerdy or laugh loaded as you would like. We’ll share a little history and background on each wine and let the cheeses speak for themselves.

Your private guide will bring the wine, the glasses, the cheeses and all the knowledge, you just need bring the guests. An ideal way to get to know Kent & Sussex wines without the drive inbetween.

Any questions get in touch, everything can be customised, we can create exactly what you need, the possibilities are endless.

The Wines

A Home Wine Tasting event is the perfect way to explore a wide range of English wines, from refreshing sparkling styles to smooth scented chardonnays and crisp rosés.

We’ll carefully tailor a selection of wines to match your tastes, each with a brilliant back story, aren’t easily found elsewhere and showcase the very best of the region.

As a minimum you’ll try 6 wines over the course of 1.5 – 2 hours but of course this is variable based on your enquiry. We have hundreds of wines from over 25 regional producers to choose from.

The Cheeses

As with the wines, so with the cheeses.

We work closely with one of the UK’s leading cheese sommeliers (yes that’s a job) to discover the perfect cheese matchings for our wine selections, sourced from the UK and further afield (hard work we know) which we will in turn bring to your table.

We also have a range of our own home-cured local meats, some of which, pair very nicely and we’ll show you how.

Fancy A Bit Extra??

Customise your wine evening with an add on for that next level event.

  • Paired meal with personal chef – £30pp (min. 8 people)
  • Extra wine for after your tasting – Priced per requirement
  • Move over wines, add some local craft beers or ciders to your tasting – £15pp