Wine tours Sussex and Kent


There’s no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers, and we don’t have any of those either. If we haven’t answered it all here, please give us a call.

How do I book a tour?

Easy, just contact us via our contact page and fill out a form and fill out an enquiry form or call/email us directly. Just give us as much detail as possible (desired tour date/s, an idea of guest numbers, pick-up address, dietary reqs etc…) and we’ll take care of the rest.

For tour bookings we will require a booking deposit upfront.

Which Vineyards could we visit and how many are there?

It might surprise you to know that there are 150+ vineyards in East Sussex & Kent. Not all of them you can visit of course. But we work closely with around 15 regularly and we choose to introduce you to smaller boutiques and hidden gems that you might not have heard of before but who none the less are creating wines of exceptional variety and quality. We’ll take you to the heart of soul of English wine country.

How many guests can you accommodate?

We can opperate tours with 2 to 50 guests, but as we create every itinerary from scratch and tailor your lunh menu especially please do give us as much notice when booking as possible so that we can deliver the absolute best of us.

Do you take Hen and Stag party bookings?

Yes, we love our hen and stag groups! It’s such a perfect way to bring groups of friends and strangers alike together in a way that is both special, and engageing for all age ranges. We know how it is with these bookings, so we make sure you have the time to meet each other, chat, laugh and enjoy instead of overload with eductaion on the wines so to speak.

Do we need to know anything about wine?

Hell no! To us, wine exists for one reason and one reason alone, to be enjoyed and make you smile. You don’t need a degree to know when you’re smiling. Each of us lives in our own unique worlds of sensory experience, there’s no rules or wrong opinions, if a wine doesn’t taste great to you while everyone else around teh table is waxing lyrical then tip it out, we’ll discover something else.

Where do you collect us from?

We will try to collect you from your local front doorstep as much as is logistically possible. Consider an area that includes Hastings, Rye, Tenterden, Ashford, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Heathfield and then consider everywhere in between fair game.

Can you collect us from a train station?

Yes, and we’ll even help you plan the journey and advise you on which station would be the best option when considering the vineyards you’d like to visit and where you are travelling from.
In short, if it has an address, we’ll pick you up there. And even if it doesn’t, we can still probably make it work.

Is lunch included in the tour?

Absolutely, it’s what we do!

All of our wine tours include lunch prepared by us and served at the vineyards.

We know that the best moments in life tend to happen around a table loaded with great wines and great food. So we’ll set the scene and you just have to bring the company.

Who cooks the food and where is lunch served?

We do! We’re not just your local guides and drive you too, we’re also professional food lovers and will take a moment to cook you a full 2 course feast during your wine maker guided wine tasting. We serve lunch at the vineyard, in one of many fabulous and exclusive locations. Full bragging rights included as standard.

Tell me about the lunch menu?

We’ll treat you to our signature vineyard feast menu which we serve at one of our glorious hidden gem vineyard partners in one of many exclusive locations. Our menus feature a variety of delicious ingredients which showcase the best of the season from around the vineyards. Our philospophy has always been “things that grow together, go together”, simply because it works and it’s delicious.
We love to include a centrepiece in our vineyard feasts and depending on the season this could feature a freshly caught whole grilled fish, local Marsh lamb (our fave!), seasonal game, or even Prime Sussex beef.

Do you cater for dietaries?

Always, it’s super important for us that all our guests feel as VIP as everyone. We’ll tailor the menu to make sure everyone is enjoying, as far as is possible, the same flavours and ingredients of provenance. We put so much love into the food we serve that the vegetarian and vegan alternatives often come out on top. No stuffed bell peppers here thanks!

Can you help me with find and arranging my local accommodation?

Of course, consider it part of the service. We pride ourselves on making your experience in visiting the area as easy as possible. If you’re taking the time to visit our local area then we’ll be treating you like one of us and getting the best oflocal hospitality.

We have a host of fantastic accommodation providers to help advise you with from hotels, b&bs, boutiques & glamp sites spread across East Sussex and Kent. Just ask us during enquiry and we’ll sort you out.

Your tours can be tailored, so what are my options?

Although our standard wine tour packages come ready-made with everything you could need for a day spent exploring vineyards and lunching in style, we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to throw in some add-ons and upgrades to make things extra special and memorable. In essence we can adjust most elements to fit your expectations pertfectly and nothing is off the table, just ask. But for starters, consider:

– Our lunch menu | Start and End timings | A live band or guitarist | Extended wine cellar tastings | Wine & Cheese gift hampers | Celebratory Professionally made cakes | Time and space for hen-party activities | Tours to beer, cider & gin producers etc…

I'm not so keen on wine, what are my other options?

You know what? Sometimes, neither are we, sometimes we just want some good, cold, crisp local ales or ciders, so if you want to do a beer and cider tour that’s totally fine.
In fact, even if you don’t drink alcohol, we have so many great local soft drinks producers to choose from that no matter your preference we have you covered.

What makes you guys so different?

Look, we’re not saying we’re the best, or better than the rest, but we’ve been around to a lot of regions in the world in search of our dream wine tour, well we couldn’t find it, so we decided to create it and bring it to life right here at home. The thing is, we really love what we do and we’re really proud of what our little but mighty corner of England is bringing to the food and wine world and we want to be at the forefront of shouting about it. We’re all about getting you to the heart and soul, taking you behind the scenes and off the trail for the true locals experience. We grew up here and we know the back roads, histories and faces, and having lived abroad for most of 10 years each, we know we’re on to a good thing here in East Sussex, and we want to share that with you.

And if you go home with a head full of great stories, a big grin and full belly then that’s a win in our book.

Is English wine really any good? I thought different.

If it were the 90s or early 2000s, you might have had a point, but things have changed and flipped completely since then. England might be part of the Old World but this is the new world for wine production and the new frontier for great wines of the world. It’s a new and burgeoning industry bursting with innovation and experiementation being led by some serious players.

It took a few years to figure things out but we’ve found our rhythm and our style and you can expect to see English labels running off with gold and platinum medals from International wine competitions everywhere.

When can we do a tour?

Anyday, Wednesdays to Sundays, all year round. Unless it’s Christmas or we’re away, otherwise we’re here to make it rain food and wine.

How much wine is included in the tastings? And is there wine at lunch?

That varies, depending on which vineyards we visit and what their current selection of wines they are currently opening, new wines are always being released and old wines are always selling out so it always stays interesting and refreshing. We always ensure that all your tastings are generous and sizable, there’s no tiny snifders here, afterall you can’t make friends with someone by waving from the other side of the street through a gap in the window. In the same way we want you to get to know these English wines and love them just as we have.

And yes, wine is always provided with lunch, it’s what we do. We’ll ask your preference once you’ve gotten to know the host wines and when we introduce the menu and we’ll be making sure to keep your glasses topped up. (To a point at least, we can’t do open bar on our standard tour packages)

Can I check availability?

Definitely, just give us a call or a quick email.