Our Story

Vine + Country Tours launched in 2018 bringing a fresh and luxury take to wine and food tourism in Kent & Sussex. Led by passionate locals and packed with hidden gems we’re driven to connect the epicurious with the exceptional produce of our beautiful little corner of England.


It’s long been said that eating, drinking and sharing in good company are life’s greatest pleasures. These principles are at the heart of any tour with Vine + Country. We’re proud to have grown up in a region with a rich fabric of heritage, tradition, with abundant delicious produce and now a world class wine industry. Since discovering the local wine scene for ourselves we’ve loved exploring and seeking out it’s secrets, getting to know it’s characters and their inspiring stories and familiarising it’s honest and knockout wines. And we’re still discovering it’s depths today.

We’re committed to supporting the smaller artisans, the single estates and family run producers because we feel this is where the heart and authentic expression of Kent & Sussex is found. Our tours embrace the magic of these great wines, made by nature, people and their values. They are an immersion in the heritage and their stories bring the wines to life.

Not Just a Wine Tour

Our luxury wine tours are hand crafted every time to provide one-of-a-kind experiences. Full of luxurious touches we take care of everything so you can sit back, relax and immerse in the country the wine and moment. We work hard to fill our wine tours with incredible local secrets, surprises and setting that showcases the very best of English wines, foods and the people.

Every tour is led by passionate local guides brimming with enthusiasm, passion and knowledge both about the local English wine movement and the regional heritage. We’re also fun loving wine lovers just like you and ardent foodies – ready to put on a delicious sitting for you in stunning, exclusive locations among the vines where you’ll feel like royalty.

To quote one of our favourite reviews “…a Vine + Country Tour delivers serious bragging rights!”

Our Shuttles

Our tour cruisers are built with your comfort in mind. Comfortable and roomy, our fleet includes our 8 seater wine shuttle and a lavish Range Rover, ready to deliver you straight to serenity of the stunning Kent & Sussex vineyards. We’re also equipped with the essential sound system so if you wish to add a playlist to your day with us feel free to plug right in.

Meet Us

That’s us, Jamie and Stephanie, the smiling, knowledgeable and proud team behind Vine + Country, your drivers, your wine guides, your chefs and friends. We decided that if we could combine our shared love and pride for the local area that together we could create something truly special – the next level for wine and food tourism – and in turn support our local wine and artsanal industries.

Kent and Sussex wine tasting and vineyard tour
Jamie, Founder

Jamie worked as a chef for many years until in 2010 he graduated from Plymouth with an MSc in Geology, because that’s what curious minds do Soon after he moved to Australia, working as a professional career geologist for an underground zinc and copper mine. During this time he discovered his love for all things that require skill, passion and dedication to make, in particular wine. This in turn led to him returning home to Sussex to create a dream.

Kent and Sussex wine tasting and vineyard tour
Stephanie, Co-Founder 

A life long passion for good food and drink, Stephanie has worked as a consultant for start-up restaurants and bars both sides of the pond, flying and living between London and New York for many years. Fortunately for Vine + Country, the energy of the city couldn’t keep her from returning to rural Sussex to recognise her own business dreams to bring together the best things in life – food, wine and country.

Stephanie and Jamie met in 2017 and hit it off sharing in each others enthusiasm and passion for food and drink and during the course of several evenings of wine tasting (that’s what we call it) began sharing ideas. After a few days of excitedly throwing ideas around they both realised what needed to be done. The rest of the story? Well that’s written above and perhaps you could help us to write the next chapter. 


Jamie recently completed his WSET level 3 in wines to complement his experience and local knowledge. 

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